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Speaking and Leadership Workshop Services

Keynote Speaking

Stephen Childs is a Fortune 500 CHRO, A Columbia University Certified Executive Coach, a 2-time HR Executive of the Year, and a well-known Global Keynote speaker. He is a relatable and dynamic communicator who brings practical wisdom to his audiences with actionable takeaways.  Stephen thrives in both large conference settings as well as more intimate, executive-style functions and training workshops. 

Organizations and Educational Institutions such as Columbia University, Wharton Business School @ the University of Pennsylvania, voestalpine BÖHLER Aerospace, Gartner, McLean & Company, Worldwide Business Research, SHRM Atlanta, and the Opal Group have relied on Stephen to help convey critical messages to their audiances/team.

Top Keynote Descriptions



What is company culture? Who is responsible for creating the culture within the organization. How does Culture play a part in becoming a year over year Great Place to Work Certified Company? How do you measure Culture? How to you create an environment where your team wants to come to work because they want to vs, have to? Accelerate your Culture Journey.


Change and Transformation

Change is hard. Whether you’re facing increased competition, disruption in the workplace and the workforce, or technology implementations, creating an intentional strategy to guide and govern those changes is essential. I will discuss proven change management solutions that are preventative, proactive, and responsive to lead change with confidence and agility to drive adoption and engagement.


Just Be Undeniable

How to accelerate your career development. What do I mean when I say, “Just Be Undeniable”? In my role as a Human Resource Executive and an Executive Coach, I often get asked “How do I become a leader, executive or CEO? My answer has always been the same. You must make it an undeniable decision for the company. You must put yourself in a position of knowledge, competencies, behaviors, skills, and desire for which they will have no choice but to put you in the leadership position you are looking for. Simply put, you should be Undeniable. 

Maureen Azzato

Portfolio DirectorPortfolio Director

Worldwide Business Research (WBR) 

Stephen is one of the most impressive manufacturing executives I have ever had the pleasure of working with as a B2B conference producer for Worldwide Business Research. Stephen has spoken at many of our live and virtual events for Connected Manufacturing Forum (Industry 4.0 for manufacturers) over the past five years to rave attendee reviews.


Though he sits in the c-suite, Stephen is approachable, affable and plain spoken, and offers audiences common sense approaches and best practices to consistently execute across the many labor challenges businesses face today.


He has covered topics from diversity, equity and inclusion to talent retention, recruitment, training, mentorship, and knowledge transfer and management. I highly recommend Stephen to any organization looking for insights on how to navigate today's complex talent and business challenges from the point-of-view of an executive who truly enjoys and respects people just as much as seeing their promise fulfilled.

Antonia Kay

Vice President, Program DevelopmentVice President, Program Development



Stephen spoke at the Connected Manufacturing Forum, an Industry 4.0 conference I produced in Austin.. He is an amazing, inspirational speaker who can connect with the audience and answer their toughest questions about change management and talent recruitment/retention in the digital era.

Stephen delivered a keynote titled "Digitization and New Dimensions in Workforce Management" and hosted a small-group workshop titled "Developing the Next Generation of Manufacturing Leadership" -- both sessions were rated five stars by our attendees. In fact, we had to add additional seats to his workshop based on the high demand and interest in Stephen's workshop. Quite a few delegates pointed out that they were impressed with his knowledge and inspired to change the way things are done at their organizations by leveraging Stephen's practical recommendations.

I am very thankful to have had the opportunity to collaborate with Stephen on the Connected Manufacturing Forum and look forward to working with him again!

Modern Architecture
Esther Lind

Head of Transformation. voestalpine High Performance Metals GmbH.  We invited Stephen to speak at our Global Leadership Event where we kicked off our Culture Journey. Stephen shared his Culture story with us and then worked with the Executive Team to help craft a Culture strategy moving forward.  We experienced Stephen as an exceptional leader in cultural transformation with a strong ability to inspire a clear vision of becoming a best place to work company. Stephen is very approachable and willing to share his learning along his transformation journey and he is able to convey his experience in a simple and understandable way.

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