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Close Up Radio Spotlights Stephen Childs of Neuro Executive Coaching

Updated: Dec 15, 2021

Peachtree City, GA – Stephen Childs is the founder of Neuro Executive Coaching, where science and art meet to enhance high performance leadership capabilities. “I take the formal structure of coaching and I infuse it with neuroscience,” says Childs. “It’s about response. I work with people on how they respond to massive change, performance conversations, development, and how they respond to leader direction.”

Most executive leaders think of themselves as their job. There is a price to be paid when taking on a role at that level in an organization, but there is also a balance that people can achieve if there is someone to help them work toward it. Neuro Executive Coaching provides a unique approach that not only guides clients through obstacles, but also teaches them how to navigate future challenges.

In addition to Neuro Executive Coaching, Stephen serves as a chief human resources officer. “When our organization introduced neuroscience into performance management, it completely changed how we managed our people,” recalls Childs. We saw how much we can change as an organization by infusing a humanistic approach of leadership. Gratitude, vulnerability, compassion and accountability go a long way in developing leadership trust.” Childs’ clients include C-suite executives from banking, manufacturing and technology to finance, HR and engineering.

“Most people avoid vulnerability, but vulnerability is what's going to create those authentic relationships with your teams,” says Childs. “The more vulnerable we can be, the sooner our team can develop.” For more information, visit

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