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Neuro Executive Coaching, LLC

Where Science and Art meet to enhance High Performance Leadership capabilities

"A coach is someone that sees beyond your limits and guides you to greatness" Michael Jordan

A Bit of Background

Providing Real Results

On top of being a full-time CHRO, I am a Columbia University Certified Executive Coach. I work with a very limited number of clients each year. I focus mainly in the C Suite space. I love to see individuals develop or grow into roles for which they aspire while making significant changes personally that improve relations with family and friends.

I support my clients so they can become a leader someone else aspires to be. People leave and stay at organizations because of whom they work for. Working with a coach is an excellent way to improve your capabilities and change the behaviors that will accelerate your leadership journey. A mentor gave me some advice that has stayed with me for years and has driven my ongoing desire to keep developing my skills. "Imagine that you are required to interview for your role every year to keep it. You will be interviewed against the best people in your field. What are you doing every day to keep your job?"


Coaching by Neuro Executive Coaching

Coaching Process and Focus Areas

The Coaching Process

In conjunction with the highly proven Columbia C3P Coaching Process, we lean on Neuroscience and the science of long term behavior change to provide a scientific foundation for our coaching model.

We focus on the science of Neuroplasticity (ability to create new neural pathways) as well as the processes of developing lasting behavior change to solidify those new pathways.

This means that leaders and executives can change their management or communications style (or create new and lasting behaviors) at any stage. We help ensure that they do that for their professional and personal development.

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Highly Effective Columbia University Coaching Process


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