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Where Science and Art meet to enhance High Performance Leadership capabilities

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Getting Coffee

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Conversation Between Colleagues
Conversation Between Colleagues

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Getting Coffee
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Stephen Childs Bio

I am a CHRO, Executive Coach, Global Keynote Speaker, and Founder of Neuro Executive Coaching LLC.

I enjoy partnering with C Suite leaders


  • transform their roles through discovery, trust and co-active conversations

  • enrich their relationships with their staff and families through a better understanding of how and why people think they way they do

  • achieve their most audacious goals

  • break down barriers to help them innovate quicker

  • increase their authenticity

  • effectively influence and navigate change

  • open up possibilities they haven’t considered

  • or help them close some gaps that might hindering their ability to grow/change

I do this by applying research-based best practices such as Whole Brain Thinking, Neuroplasticity, Strategic forms of learning, and Global Leadership Competencies as taught in the Columbia University Coaching Certification Program.

I have over 23 years of Leadership experience with a Global Fortune 200 company with Culture Transformation, Digital Transformation, Global Manufacturing, HQ, Engineering and Startup/Acquisition Experience. I also have extensive Board Experience (for profit/non-profit). 

I received a Global Fellow in Talent Management designation from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania as well as completed the Front End Intensive Columbia Coaching Program. Due to the strength and amazing work of my team, I have been honored to received the American Business Award for HR Executive of the year in 2016 and 2018, the 2018 Top 50 HR Tech Minds Award from the World HRD Congress as well as the 2021 OnCon Icon Top 100 HR Professional Award .

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Coaching by Neuro Executive Coaching

Coaching Process and Focus Areas


The Coaching Process

In conjunction with the highly proven Columbia C3P Coaching Process, Neuroscience provides a scientific foundation for how we think and how we can change.  

Three concepts in particular tend to support coaching goals and methodology. They are:

Neuroplasticity, or the ability to create new neural pathways

The ongoing battle between the amygdala and prefrontal cortex, and

The concept of whole brain wisdom – the roles of the left and right hemispheres.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to make new connections throughout our lives.  It used to be thought that this only happened to a certain age, but we now know that’s not the case. We have the potential to grow and learn and change throughout our lives.

This means that leaders and executives can change their management or communications style at any stage.

Standing Meeting

Organizational Dynamics & Decision-Making Strategies

Achieve What You Want By Focusing On What Matters

Casual Business Meeting

Leadership Development

Build High Performing Teams. Leverage Your Strengths and The Strengths of your team


Organizational Change Management

Navigate and Drive Change